Life isn't always easy. But Blimp is!

The photo report app developed for shipping & logistics


First, you capture

Our mobile photo report apps let you capture everything that is relevant to your report. They run on any iOS and most Android devices. You can scan barcodes and enter texts. You can even add groups, comments, photos and complex forms. Within a few seconds, the reports are securely transferred to the web application. In case you are offline, you can save the report and send them later.

Then, we organise

All photo reports are instantly available on the web application. They are automatically named, time-stamped, sorted and filed. The chronological timeline of all reports and our dynamic search feature help you access any report, any time, with ease. It really does not matter anymore if you are looking for a report from two days, or two years ago.

You define how to share

You control who sees your reports and when. Give limited web access to the department sitting next door. Forward a PDF to a supplier in the other city. Or send automatic email notifications to customers on the other side of the world. It's all up to you!

We store for you

We know how important your reports are to you. That’s why we store them securely in some of Europe's finest data-centres. There is unlimited storage space for your reports and photos, so you never have to worry about a full SD card or hard disk. In case you also want to store the reports yourself, we will be happy to push them via HTTP(S)-Request or via FTP-Upload to your server.