Business Solution and App for Photo Documentation

Capture and organise photo reports. Easy, fast and safe through our mobile and web app.
Perfect for logistics, freight forwarder and manufacturer.
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Still using digital cameras?
That's so 90's!

Photos, barcodes, tags, and much more. With Blimp you can capture everything that is relevant to your report - within seconds.
We know you work hard. That's why we name, timestamp, sort and file all reports for you - in real time and automatically.
Colleagues, suppliers or customers. Via own login, link or PDF. You choose who sees which reports, how and when.
All your reports are securely stored in some of Europe's leading data-centres. They are also only a few clicks away - always!
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“All departments in our warehouse and over 70 employees are using Blimp.
It runs extremely well.”

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Only 5 Minutes to upload your first photo

No installation, no costs. Simply create an account and download the app to your smartphone.

  • Up to 50 photos / month Blimp is free forever
  • Fair prices - no hidden costs!
  • You can delete your account at any time
  • No bank or credit card details necessary
  • We handle your data with care - we promise!

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Oliver Schopp

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